Neuro Expertise

Dr. Satish Nair

Dr. Satish Nair

CI Expertise

Dr Prasad Calyam

Dr. Prasad Calyam

Neuroinformatics Expertise

Dr. Dongu Xu

Dr. Dong Xu

Biomedical Informatics Expertise

Dr. Trupti Joshi

Dr. Trupti Joshi


Dr. Satish Nair’s lab :

  • Ben Latimer
  • Tyler Banks

Dr. Prasad Calyam’s lab :

  • Soumya Purohit
  • Songjie Wang

Dr. Dong Xu’s lab :

  • Cong Chen

Dr. Trupti Joshi’s lab :

  • Shuai Zeng
  • Zhen Lyu


College of Engineering

College of Engineering

College of Arts and Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences

School of Medicine

School of Medicine

College of Veterinary Medicine

College of Veterinary Medicine

External Collaborators


The NSG provides an administratively and technologically streamlined environment for uploading models, specifying HPC job parameters, querying running job status, receiving job completion notices, and storing and retrieving output data.


CyVerse is funded by the National Science Foundation’s Directorate for Biological Sciences. It is a dynamic virtual organization led by the University of Arizona to fulfill a broad mission


XSEDE is a single virtual system that scientists can use to interactively share computing resources, data and expertise.

Human Brain Project

The Human Brain Project is a H2020 FET Flagship Project which strives to accelerate the fields of neuroscience, computing and brain-related medicine.