Training Content

  • Jupyter Notebooks

  • SimAgent

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    ‘SimAgent’ directly interfaces the student laptop with NSG resources to run network simulations. SimAgent has two core functions, automated job submission and parameter sweep. The automated job submission feature is a point and click interface that accepts any neuron or python program directory, submits the program to run remotely and watches it until completion with live updates to the user. The parameter sweep feature allows the same functionality with the added ability to specify sections of code to automatically change with each run. Users can specify a range of values for a parameter to take on, run each simulation in a parallel configuration and determine the optimal output for their needs. It currently supports connections to the NSG-R restful API and connections using SSH to servers running Slurm.

  • SimBuilder

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    SimBuilder is an easy to use desktop application that allows users to build large scale networks in Neuron. Utilizing Marianne J Bezaire's CA1 model ( as a backend, SimBuilder generalizes the process allowing users to specify their own network requirements.

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